Somewhere along the line, after 2020, official places began acting as if rights no longer exist. There are endless stories of families being separated at medical facilities, never to see their loved one again. And this is only the beginning of the tales of woe brought on by establishments who seem to have forgotten that human beings have rights. Have you heard the one about the patient who received medical procedures that they had expressly forbidden? Or how about the one about the corporation that fired so many employees they can no longer stay in business? On and on it goes. So how does a man or woman enforce their rights in this era of insanity? Firstly you need to comprehend a few things and secondly bureaucracies tend to respond to legal documents. Even a simple affidavit or statement of fact can do the trick if applied in proper fashion. In short, tune it, turn on, and learn how it is done. And stay the heck away from hospitals unless it is absolutely needed. Lastly, there is a growing community of experts helping each other with issues such as these, and the results are impressive! Again, tune in and turn on to this episode and learn some things of value.

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