525- The Mystical Realities of Sound (Free)

Everything in our realm seems to be cyclical. In our reality, it has been said, if it exists, it vibrates. One of the main ways we experience vibration is through sound. But, how is sound different from light if both exist due to vibration? For that matter, how is the vibration we detect as sound different from any other vibrating matter in our realm? Long ago the era we are now entering was labeled as an age of energy, that energy being electricity. One of the claims put forward, with regard to this age, is that we will come to comprehend energy at amazing new levels. It is further stated that there are five subtle “electricities” that we will master in this era and that each of these five subtle variations of energy are proven and represented in our human senses. Of course, if true, sound would correspond with one of the subtle variations, or electricities. Would we be better served to consider matter, light, sound, smell, temperature, or any other facet of our realm as subtle variations caused by the quality of any given vibration? Is the difference between blue and green simply attributable to vibration? Is the hardness of a marshmallow versus concrete also due to vibration? These questions, and many more, spring to mind when I read books. Whether it be Walter Russell or some old spiritual tradition from the east, the ideas, and questions persist – and they do so in conflict with what I was offered in school. As for the age of energy, it seems like the five subtle “electricities” include sound, as is proven by the correlation to our senses. If this is true then it is safe to say that older cultures responsible for building things we do not even comprehend, thought very differently about the world and how it works. And since those sages of old created buildings of stone that beggar the modern imagination, maybe it is time we reassess the rigid confines of modern science, that have become like an enforced religion. Maybe it is time we look backwards with respect and awe, and stop pretending we are somehow more advanced. If honesty matters then it is time to admit that we cannot even fathom how massive stones were moved and shaped, setting aside the form and function, so far from our current abilities. But what science refuses to admit is that it is cymatics, sound and vibration that made it all possible. What science refuses to admit is that those ancient cultures worked in step with nature and much of what they knew was superior to our environment damaging ways. Sadly, it is unlikely that anything will change until the control and billing for energy usage is done away with. But alas, free electricity is preparing to break free of the meters on every building in this country. This will be a big deal, providing we learn to defend our God given rights.

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