526- Count Fortune de St. Germain Discusses the Long Game and The American Experiment (Free)

From individual freedom to communism. And so goes, or went, the Great American Experiment. As we live and breathe today, we all stand on the threshold of a new age, and with it, a new world. What follows will, in fact, be determined by what we allow. It is now that the truth will set you free. For a man/woman who knows who he/she is will not be party, or subject, to such things as run contrary to the gift of the Divine Spark of life, and all that comes with this highest of gifts. For those who endeavor on life’s journey in pursuit of truth and reality, a spiritual way emerges. Such souls may ask – how did we get here? How long have we been here? What is the true account of our past? What is the purpose of our lives? In freeing the searching mind from materialism, perchance one may find a spiritual ideal, and way. In the recent downward cycle, we fell into hyper-materialism, the darkness of corporate religion and corporate government. And yet, still there is choice and the charge to find, protect and follow a spiritual way worthy of our Divine gifts and rights. As always, the responsibility resides firmly with each of us, even in the face of cleverly laid traps, malefic systems and illegal laws. And still, the duty is ours to fend-off darkness, and defend God given rights. Rights once called “inalienable” by a “body” called government, are now under threat by a fiction called corporation, which knows no borders and flaunts a lifeless body in its prefix, while implying speech with its suffix. Corps-Oration… the talking dead, who serve only themselves, and currently seek to rule the world. And rule they will… unless the rights granted to each of us, from on high, are acknowledged, claimed and defended. We, who exist a hair’s breadth from corporate slavery, must immediately cast aside our lower and apparent self in favor of our higher and real self, and in doing so, claim and defend the rights and goodness inherent in our infinite God granted gift, the Divine Spark of Life.

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