554- Falling Through the Zodiacal Silver Gate of Fall (Free)

The sign of Libra in the zodiac is an interesting sign and differs from all the rest. For one thing it is not an animal, it is an object. For another, it is certainly a later addition to the circle of stars that back-light the path of planets, sun and moon. I have read old accounts that claim the oldest signs are the bull and the lion, which interestingly enough create the word “bullion” when pulled together. But this episode is about the signs of Fall that we experience as the days grow shorter and the nights longer. It is said, and I accept, that during this season the human mind is falling asleep, so to speak. This is almost certainly why “new programming” was delivered via TV back in the day. And to be clear, nothing has changed in this regard other than the delivery method, now delivered via 1s and 0s. In this freshly minted digital era, we have mostly lost track of why the seasons are important. We no longer celebrate or honor the Solstices and Equinoxes, nor do we comprehend the spiritual reasons why these yearly markers were a big deal in the past. How can it be that endless monumental structures were built to align with, and mark these yearly divisions if they have no significant importance? The truth is that these times are very important for both physical, and spiritual reasons. We all exist within cycles, and where we find ourselves in any given cycle, dictates what is possible. As an example, it is not possible to grow many plants we need for food in the dead of snowy winter. In this episode we examine the zodiacal signs of Fall, from Libra to Sagittarius. During this period of time, as is true of all parts of the yearly cycle, the world we know takes on a certain experiential spirit. And while this may be lost on many of us, it is not lost on those who plan and execute world changing events. Consider this last sentence and then try to remember that kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow. It seems a world away now but, we used to experience such September’s. There is a reason, and that reason is based on the season, and that season is based on the sun. And, it is the Sun that proves we have all been granted as beneficiaries of this creation, along with the Divine Spark of Life and Freewill. There is no cost or charge for what the Sun provides to all of us as beneficiaries, proving the point. So let us take some time now to consider the Sun in its descending path, through what we call Fall, beginning in the sign of Libra, where the Sun is mortally wounded as it faces the scorpion, and the archer, and then its annual death on December 21.

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