574- When Sun- Based Calendars Replaced the Skyclock Reality Receded (Free)

The power of calendars and clocks goes largely unnoticed. Calendars are an approximation of what the Skyclock proves is true. The calendar we currently use is solar-based, and geared toward facilitating civil controls, as opposed to the synchronizing, healthy, rhythmic and cyclical truths provided by nature. Our current calendar is named after a pope (Gregory VIII), to put a period on the previous statement. Among the many issues associated with the Gregorian calendar is the fact that year 1 was intentionally omitted, and 10 days were vanished from existence to pull the spring equinox to March 21. The portrayal of an equinox in this way is an intentional misconception because equinoxes are experientially dependent on one’s geography. One day cannot be accurately chosen to reflect when an equinox actually occurs for everyone. The nuance of failing to set year zero was leveraged to great effect when the world celebrated the new millennium in the year 2000, instead of the correct year which was 2001. The first year of the 21st century is now historically disfigured by a violent incantation that was executed as the world stood by hoodwinked, and unaware, that year one of the new millennium was intended to set the cadence for the next three decades, and beyond.

One of the many effects of the papal calendar has been to pull our lives into a linear experience of time. This, in turn, detaches us from the healthy and synchronizing cyclical realities offered by the Skyclock. The effort to keep our lives unbalanced and disconnected from nature is then furthered by the changing of clocks by one hour, near each equinox, twice a year. Artificial time zones also serve to obscure the truths provided by the Skyclock. This is demonstrated by considering that two men hundreds of miles apart experience any given hour in a day at the same time, forgetting what sunrise demonstrates, with regard to time and geography. Detachment from reality normalizes when we accept such fictions. The accepted fictions then replace the truths of nature over time and generations. As an example, we accept noon each day when it is not noon. Noon, or mid-day occurs when the sun is at its apex (or zenith) for that day, not when a cell phone reads 12:00. This may seem trivial, but it is not, if truth and reality matter. One might consider the importance of equinoxes and solstices, even though their true meaning and value are mostly unknown in our time of artificial systems. The daily high point of the sun is like a mini summer solstice, which is the solar high-point for a year. Both solstices and equinoxes have been celebrated universally for millennia by any culture of size that ever existed.

Calendars and clocks are a big deal and this is proven by observing how they have been used to control nearly every aspect of life in the modern era. Control through the perception of time has been among the most effective strategies employed by those who seek power over many. We can track this strategy of control, minimally, back to Julius Caesar, whose Julian calendar is still in use at the naval observatory, where the modern emperors of time keeping sustain a synthetic version of Chronos. If it is true that the truth will set us free, then the current methods of time keeping aimed at civil control and separation from nature are not helping. All truth is found and proven in nature, and the strategy of separating cultures from nature is now ancient, and the first step in moving minds away from truth and towards a fantasy-based reality. Once this strategy is normalized minds will believe almost anything – just ask a pagan, or one who lives close to nature. To this day they are persona non grata, and derided by the religious calendar makers whose systems we still march to. This episode is about calendars and well worth your attention.

**NOTE** The second solar video with my new telescope is coming shortly under the “video” link. All future scope video will be posted here with more coming soon.

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