It is quite a thing to realize how much of our cultural world was invented by SciFi writers back in the day. Many of these fiction writers can be shown to be related to the Tavistock Institute. Aliens and UFOs are no different. While I cannot tell you what living being may be out there, I can address social engineering and full spectrum programing. Modern, cultural ufology is not exempt from whole sale fabrication by fiction writers and Hollywood.

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I’ll echo Jon’s comment here. This upload seems to include only the first hour of the broadcast.

The first hour is the first half of full shows. Go past halfway to get the rest.

‘m convinced the excessively hyped UFO investigator John Mack was – (I say was because he was apparently killed by a drunk driver outside of the U.S. a few years ago *eye roll*) a completely fictitious personality. There’s a five part documentary on his work at YouTube called “Experiencers” and the acting is horrible.

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