066 Free Speech and Expression – Controlled by Super Persons Inc. Free

Date: July 27, 2017

We are quickly reaching a time when nearly all information will be delivered online. Large corporations will own these systems and by extension the rules and regulations that determine free speech and expression. Do the users of these systems have any responsibility in what comes next? Do they/we?

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4 Comments so far.

  1. Bill Duke says:

    We the People have one advantage the corporations and the elite lack. We have the numbers. We CANNOT confront and defeat them on any legal basis. Obviously, they control it all. BUT, we can refuse to use their service or product. We fail to use that ultimate power….really the only way we can win. We need to be organized and use that ability if only for a limited time…or at least until we get what we want and deserve. Even a short period of refusing their product or service would bring them to their knees The same strategy would work against any product or service they offer…..on the Internet or in the brick and mortar world.. When we fail to use that advantage, there is no one to blame but ourselves. What are we waiting for?

    1. Crow says:

      Indeed. Unfortunately most of us rely on information systems which tend to put your ideas here at a distance in the minds of most. Not to mention said systems actively undermining these types of ideas.

      1. Bill Duke says:

        At 72 year old, I still remember the times strikes and other forms of passive resistance played a major role for workers/consumers…..before corruption set in. I even remember when the price of sugar sky-rocketed and we just stopped buying it for a short time. The price came down almost immediately. As you say, unfortunately, the generation of today has little or no knowledge of these methods as they have almost been erased from human consciousness via a controlled media.
        BUT, they still work and we should consider these and other passive methods. THEY cannot remove the right of choice…..no matter what they do.

        1. Crow says:

          Well said. What see – IN FACT – is the Animal Farm playbook in action, as you mention. Soon the folks who remember pushing against the system will be too old or gone. The next gen will only have what a search engine gives them