106 Question and Topics from Subscribers & Everything is fair Game (Free)

Date: May 3, 2018

Once again we address what subscribes are thinking about in this submitted questions episode. I invite people to compare this episode with the first time we did this to understand where the community has come. Minds are lifting.

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One Comment so far.

  1. Griffin says:

    Couldn’t the Mandela effect just be Mandela marketing? That’s about the only thing TPTB are actually good at. Easy enough, print a million Bernstein bears books with the name spelled differently, go back and change earlier internet news posts, and film moonraker with 2 sets of footage of the girls braces for later “use” ? With that Laurel Valley Studio producing something like 4 Films to every 1 Hollywood film, you can imagine they would be able to do something like this. Besides, most of these claims are around video-based media. You have to go the easiest rout with these so called people, they have alot of lies to keep up on!