117 The Beatles Construct – Now with added Subliminal Programming (Free)

Date: July 19, 2018

In my view the Beatles are a construct created to execute psychological programming and break society for further inclusion into the so called NWO. The music is rife with subliminal messages and back masking designed to program your unconscious mind. By the way it worked like a “charm” and all if it has to do with death and Satanic/Luciferian values.

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2 Comments so far.

  1. KYtruthseeker says:

    As far as I’ve seen there is no proof he died or was killed, personally I think he was taken out because he wouldn’t go along with the Tavistock agenda, the 9/11 death date is just too coincidental for mex. If you read Nicholas Kollerstrom’s The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942 – 1966: A very English Mystery you find Paul was a good and well grounded person. I don’t totally buy the car wreck story or that there was a Donna he picked up, there is one theory that he was killed somewhere else and put in that wrecked car but again there is no hard proof he is dead, only that he was replaced, at least not that I’ve found.

    1. KYtruthseeker says:

      *for me not mex. Wish there was an edit feature.