The third Hermetic principle rightly includes “The Principle of Vibration”, which informs us everything is always moving. Cymatics shows us this invisible motion and proves to us that form is created by what could be called vibration, though this is a simplified statement. If it is true that the only force in our world is electricity and by extension magnetism, we begin to view the world in an entirely different way, deeply rooted in nature. Knowing these things might lead one to ask – why has modern medicine completely ignored what we call the human bio-field? But I can answer that question; because selling drugs and ensuring folks do not get well pulls in the maximum amount of profit. Healing people and refusing to recognize what nature proves to be true is currently a bad business model and corporations have little concern for living men and women. Also, the human bio-field proves there is no need to wear masks which is against the rules in the year 2020.

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