248- The Divine Spark is Granted to You at the Zygote (Free)



Do you know when the Divine Spark was granted to you? Do you know the difference between your beginning and your birth when the first breath of life was taken? The latter happens at the port of entry according to those who have created legal fictions in order to make a claim on your life time, designed to monetize and control. The truth is God makes a man or a woman what they are in this life and this is combined with free will, which is also granted to each of us. We have now reached a time when the underhanded fictitious systems that used to elude us are now becoming known. This, in turn, allows for the possibility of change. But – it remains to be seen if we choose to come back to nature and the creator or continue on into man-made systems designed to replace that which made us. Either way we will all return to the dust from which we were formed.