262- Eyes – The Windows to the Soul also Indicate Health – Iridology (Free)

Date: October 21, 2020

The eyes have been called the windows to the soul for good reason, but the iris can also be shown to indicate overall health in the human body. The art of Iridology, like so many holistic arts, has been defamed and yet its effectiveness can be demonstrated as is shown in the story of the owl with the broken leg. The variety of eye color and variation is surprising for those who have not looked into this art. Did you know there are violet colored eyes or gold, or that certain blood types create eyes that change color due to mood? What makes a brown eye brown or a green eye green? Does this simple information provide characteristics about the person? There is much to be re-learned about the human eye and Iridology provides a promising path. We now stride across the threshold to a new era which promises astounding new forms of knowing – as we depart the age of belief – exciting times to say the very least.

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