276- Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine – Permaculture, Nature as a Guide (Free)



Permaculture is a set of design principles that seek to emulate the way plants grow in nature, free of man-made systems. As we head into the new millennium there are a growing number of awakening minds that understand the perfection of nature and who want to employ the immutable laws of creation to guide their actions, in order to move away from synthetic agriculture techniques. It was not that long ago that all produce and vegetables were grown organically but it is now recognized that food harvested in a pristine natural setting is far superior to anything available in supermarkets grown synthetically. From fertilization to the symbiosis of plants in nature, much is being re-learned and put to use in an effort to improve the nutrition and quality of grown foods. Would you prefer an apple grown in nature or one sprayed with pesticide and fed chemicals to grow? Which is better for your nutrition and health? Which is more likely to provide a long life-span and sharp mind?