In an era where it is suddenly OK for hospitals to bar entrance or refuse access to loved ones, patient advocates are being employed to defend rights. Consider someone who is in no shape to make medical decisions and without their family who have been barred from entrance by the hospital. Consider the elderly in an old folk’s home who is being denied access to their family and loved ones by the medical facility. This very thing happened to a friend of this podcast who never saw his mother again, as she passed away while the facility played lock-down! This has been going on all over America since the fateful day in the spring of 2020 and yet a simple understanding of procedure, law and rights would change everything. Our guest has gained access to loved ones for more than one life I am aware of. In one case it was life or death and still the hospital would not allow access. Home of the free and the brave – does this describe us any longer or will we now be home of the sheep and the slave?