Cymatic frequency maps that are open to all are sadly missing in the modern era. As has been known for centuries, if it exists, it vibrates. This includes and is the cause of form, color, temperature and nearly all else in this material reality. This episode is about a man who is seeking to map the vibrational rates of all human tissue and organs to include things like parasites. It is then possible to embed this vibrational rate into water or other carriers with memory and target specific ailments and issues in the body. Once again, we are forced to comprehend the power of the temporarily lost art of cymatic knowing. After this era of chemical drugs comes to an end, I imagine we will get back to “knowing” why a flower is blue and why it has a certain number of petals or specifically, what is causing dis-ease in the body by way of cymatics or vibration/frequency. The entirety of the material world is hidden within the so-called wave which can be considered as a spiral and by extension vibration, according to those who have experienced enlightenment. Is longer life and health accessible through cymatics? Old natural scientists and the cathedral builders seem to have left us clues to this end, as well as encoded paths to higher states of being.

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