Ourguest joins us from Central America where there is still an idea of Pura Vida –or, Pure Life. This basic idea is founded on the truths found in nature. Wecover Biodomes, gardening, charcoal making and all things nature and bamboo.The latter will be covered in an upcoming episode devoted to the world’s largestgrass, in the near future. Our guest is very familiar with bamboo and using itas a building material. It seems many minds in our world are looking to getback in sync with nature in how we eat and live, but also how we build. Theangles of joy and sorrow are expounded upon, as this too is shown us throughnatural processes and is an idea mostly lost in western building which relieson the angles of sorrow. There is nothing quite like walking into a buildingthat was designed to be in sync with what nature provides, to include ideaslike energy flow and building materials.

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