Many ancient cultures have maintained fermented foods in their culinary traditions. For the most part this is not true of the US, in any regular meaningful way. Consider Miso and Soy Sauce from Japan, or Kimchi the staple food of Korea and, of course, Sauerkraut from Germany. These are super foods that provide Life Force Nutrition, for lack of better descriptive terms. Our guest is now creating and providing top quality fermented drinks and foods which are starting to catch on in the US. Personally, I am providing these important food items to my own family to help combat dementia and I am seeing positive signs that I hope will grow as time and consumption of fermented foods go on. As words have meaning consider the word “ferment”. The word “fer” means “to carry” and, “ment” will always mean “mind”. As you can see this word “carries” powerful meaning, and again, equates to Life Force nourishment in my mind. There are two alchemical symbols that I am aware of that relate to fermentation as an alchemical process. The first is related to the zodiacal sign of Capricorn and the second, the process itself, which can be seen in the episode image on the large green fermenting fairy and cartoon crow’s thought bubble. I urge everyone to get back to ingesting Life Force!

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Derek Condit, The Bee Guy from episode 240

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