It is almost as if the corporatization of food in the west was planned from the outset as a way to weaken populations. At this point the vast majority of us live primarily on processed food stuff, which has been created by multinational corporations who care little about health or nutrition. The result of this “paradigm” is that poor nutrition leads to poor brain function which leads to shortened lives tied to a healthcare system that is no different – now primarily pushing chemical drugs that mask symptoms and makes no attempt to cure anything. Our guest is a Viet Nam Vet and has developed a food combining system that outlines what to eat and how to eat it. And Yes – this system is directly concerned with health and well-being, to include state of mind. In this era of change we have a chance to abandon systems that create food not fit for pigs, and medical care not fit for… anyone seeking true health. The old masters taught us that all dis-ease starts with inflammation and that the only way to “cure” anything is by using elements found in, and that build, the body. What our guest is laying down is in lock-step with these fundamentally provable ideas.

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