This will be the first full video episode for members covering the film Michael that was released on Christmas day 1996. There is also a video bonus of 10 telescope clips at the end of the episode, some never published. We breakdown this film to show that there are 3 stories being told. The first is the surface narrative that everyone sees covering about 3 days. The second storyline is follows the sun over 365 days in the Acceptable Year of the Lord. The third and most hidden story is talking about the Great Year, or 5,920 years of the sun traveling through each of the 12 zodiacal signs, 2,160 years each. This film seems to be telling us that when we complete the Age of Aquarius, this Great Year will come to an end starting a new 5,920 year Cycle. The simple question to ask is why was the triple story encoding done, and why is it that almost nobody knows there is more than one story being told? Here again, we see proof of the importance of the Skyclock, which is foundational to our existence in this place we call Earth. To forget the importance and the reason for seasons is to fall away from nature, where there is no lie.

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