333- Health, Created by Nature and Maintained in the Same Way (Free)

Once again Clive brings us cutting edge new health devices and supplements. Dietary supplements have become very important due to the fact that much of the food supply is lacking in nutrients because of how it is produced or grown. Nutrition deficiencies seem to be at the root of many modern health problems, as is toxicity. Looking back at older health ideas we find the overarching idea that health cannot be obtained unless the things ingested are part of the body’s make-up, or substances used by the body. These ideas are rising to the fore as is the recognition that modern medicine is problematic in both theory and application. Most of modern medicine involves chemical drugs symbolized by the Rx sign. In older ways of thinking this symbol stood for the idea of retrograde or going backwards. So who has it right? Those who prescribe chemical drugs or those who seek health based in naturally occurring supplements? I think we can all agree that there is no lie in nature and anything created within the creation is the best we can do. I have never seen a drug commercial that did anything more than claim to address symptoms and produce side effects. If symptoms are the body’s warning system then targeting symptoms is a bit like masking or hiding a warning flag. Natural supplements are equivalent to nutrition. I have no idea what chemicals are equal to, when prescribed to living beings… though poison comes to mind, and side effects underscore the association.