A simple question: Do all living things in this creation have a purpose? Observation: There is no lie in nature and therefore nature is perfect in its delivery, and all species are created within the scope of nature. With these ideas in mind, what can be determined about eugenics? The highest authority has populated this world, to include the so called nobility that is the underlying idea and reason for eugenics. So let us take that idea – that word – to demonstrate a grave failure in logic. Is it noble to conduct agendas in the shadows hidden from the light of day? Is it noble to use temporary laws, coercion, threats or trickery to achieve an end? Response: If you say someone is noble it is to communicate that they are unselfish and morally good. A complicated question: As we finish the year 2021 and winter sets in, will the archer bear witness to a record setting cold snap, or will our winter be a mild one, the epic freeze held in reserve for future years?

On April 22 of 2019 the 22nd movie in the Marvel franchise was released with a plot portraying an extreme example of universal eugenics. We will close this episode with observations about this world-wide, record breaking, and cinematic communication. Spoiler Alert – The fans loved it.

I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and higher minded new era.

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