I think we can agree that that majority of communication now takes place online, and as recently as 2010 digital communication was mostly unmolested. This is no longer the case. It is now commonplace for online communities to be deleted or locked out, as large followings evaporate in the blink of an eye. And since the truth needs no defense it is crystal clear what this is all about. We have entered an era where there is one approved “truth” and anyone who dares discuss or challenge said truth, in any way, risks being deplatformed, instantly separated from the community that they built. In many ways this level of power has never been experienced before. Communication is the foundation of all that takes place in our world. If one-sided messaging is dominant, it has an effect. And we are currently living in a one-sided messaging system. Under conditions such as these, division can be catastrophic. And yet, this too is built into culture presently and has grown from the political seeds that sprouted this aberration of humanity. They key may well be re-learning how to move past division based on topics, in favor of basic respect for all those souls who are being battered in the life raft common to all of us. During a storm communities come together for the common good – and the wind is now beginning to howl…

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