Our guest is a direct relation of the Ascended Master called St. Germain, and has the same name to prove it. I put out a call some time back to meet an alchemist and was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by the nephew (many greats before nephew – back to the 1700s) of Count St Germain. Our guest inherited the worldly possessions of St. Germain to include what he calls proof of the Philosophers Stone in the form of a red precious stone. As it is described it is like a badge of proof, as stones of this size do not occur in this color and size. This is a heartfelt conversation with a man who has seen a lot more of the world than I ever will, and he offers some very interesting information. Count St. Germain was in the court of Louis the 15th of France, and is said to have warned about the coming revolution that cost many, so called Nobles, their lives. St Germain escaped and is considered one of the few Ascended Masters of our world and age. Most sources claim there are about 1500 masters of this kind.

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