There is a growing idea that the problem with law and the legal system is that we have all forgotten how to properly use the ideas and systems, as they were intended. Here, again, we cover legal ideas to show methods that have been successful in the real world. Many who concentrate on law are throwing a spotlight on process and method, and have been racking up successful outcomes in the legal system – as it exists now. Is it possible that TV and movies have convinced us all that only lawyers know how to deal with the law? Is it possible that these same sources have convinced the world they are unqualified and helpless in a courtroom? We live in an era of change, and with that change the legal system and courts will be put to the test, unless an inactive and docile population submits to that which is unacceptable. For those who choose to stand and defend their birthright, a new era awaits, far from where we have come

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