Do you know what an Analemma is? If not, how can that be? It demonstrates critical truths about this place we exist, and shows the high and low points of our all-important sun. Such truths demonstrate a lot about the time we exist in, to include the fact that we are outside of time in how we think and act. We should have moved beyond the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer thousands of years ago, as they mark the declination of our sun in a year. Currently the summer solstice (solar high point) occurs in Gemini and the winter solstice (solar low point) occurs in Sagittarius. And yet most of us remain blind to this reality which is undeniably proven by the Skyclock. Knowing this proves that every map in our world is incorrect, as is how we mark time and space. Do you believe the maps of this world are correct? In this episode we seek to show that those who comprehend the solar cycle make use of it, and those who do not remain in a sort of clueless limbo, in this place we call our home – its truths have always been within our field of view. In short, we have been looking down for a very long time which seems to have created our descending path. Simply looking up seems like a very simple thing, and yet… Truly, Belief is the Enemy of Knowing.

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