It is not possible to invent truth but it is possible to discover truth. By the way do you know what gender the sun and moon are – for sure? It is a 50-50 proposition if you want to guess – but I would like to know. Without knowing at this level it is not possible to take full advantage of natural principles like the 7 Hermetic principles. And if we are unable to accurately access natural principles we may find ourselves bound to theories and scientism – which is basically where we exist now, in an endless cycle of theories that diminish in value each day they go unproven. With this in mind I give you Crow’s second Law; Crow’s Law of Theories: Any theory that remains unproven for years is a speculation of diminishing value and will therefore tend to be applied as propaganda in support of scientism. Belief is in fact the enemy of knowing and a world bound to scientism is a world tied to beliefs in utter disregard of what is true. This, of course, brings us to Crow’s first Law: Crow’s Law of HD: Anything that truly exists and can be filmed in HD will be filmed in HD. Now – whether or not you see that HD film is entirely a different matter, but maybe there is a solution for that too…, called Knowing.

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