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365- Hydrogen – Brown’s Gas – The Real Elemental Deal! (Free)

I have been using the AquaCure machine for over 70 hours now. It is the real deal. In this public message I cannot say all I would like to. As I approach 100 hours of use, I am starting to get those I know with wellness issues to look at and purchase the machine. In member comments I will better explain what I have seen, and it is astounding. I will add this. When I first discovered the Gerson method my whole life and outlook changed. For me, I came to accept that the body heals if it is able and has the nutrition needed to do so. The Hydrogen machine in this episode is in this very same vein, in my view. For me Hydrogen is elemental – literally, being the water element of alchemy. I will not go a day without using it both for breathing and drinking the charged water. There are so many wondrous things to be discovered in this era, and in my book, this is one of them. Lastly, I have added a sponsored link with a coupon code on episode pages which will reduce cost by a significant 20%. I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era. Please try to catch this episode and be well.

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