Most old cultures have fermented foods as staples in their diet. This, of course, can be tied directly to alchemy or natural sciences, from long ago. The Alchemy of the plant kingdom is called Spagyrics, which most directly relates to the fermentation of things that can be ingested. Fermentation is a process used to make some of our favorite foods including cheese, wine, beer, bread, chocolate, soy sauce, miso and yogurt. These foods provide beneficial, living bacteria into our diets. It should go without saying that the cymatic resonance of a living food is different than that of lifeless food. In America nearly all food products have had the “life” cooked out of them by a process called pasteurization. Only now are we getting back to the importance of living foods and drinks, beyond alcoholic beverages – but even some of those have been shown to be beneficial in moderation. Harder alcohols are labelled as containing spirits, another direct link to spagyrics and alchemy. And the word fermented tells us the following: Fer means to Carry, and Ment always means mind. But Life is also “carried” in fermented foods, which for most of us, is beneficial living bacteria, often equated with probiotics.

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