If we accept that there is no lie in nature, then we might consider if supplements made in nature are the best we can do. It is stated in old alchemy texts that the only way to bring a body back to health is by providing things the body is made of, or the building blocks required to build the body. The real mystery is how we have come so far from these very basic ideas. Currently much medical effort is spent issuing chemical drugs that then target symptoms. But again, this flies in the face of older natural ideas that state symptoms are the bodies warning flags that tell us something needs to be addressed. If this is correct how can masking symptoms possibly help anyone? This brings us up to a modern idea that is stated frequently by those who do not accept the pharmaceutical approach, which is as follows; “Pharmaceutical drugs have never cured anybody of anything”. But, is it true? We could consider that if it is not true in nature then, it cannot be true for those who were created in nature? I am certain we can know what is true if we simply go to a place where there is no lie, and there, discover what is true.

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