Common sense and a true concern for living beings are in the audio this episode. Once again, we talked with a medical professional who is interested in curing and healing “dis-ease”. We discuss the fact that Dementia & Alzheimer’s are at epidemic levels along with other maladies that effect brain function. Blood cell analysis, dark field microscopy, anti-biotics and pro-biotics are discussed. We cover three stressors defined as: Physical, Chemical, Emotional Stress. Last, but not least, there is an in-depth discussion on the effects of spike proteins, along with some puns about a certain movie franchise and associated pre-echoes now clearly in view. After all, the caduceus-like tattoo coerced using fear, by the dark lord, did not just mark submission but was also used to track and summon those tattooed. We will not cover the tool used to permanently ink skin as that should be obvious.

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