The word “Cathode” was coined in 1834 and taken from the Greek κάθοδος (kathodos), which means ‘descent’ or ‘way down’. Naturally “Anode” means to rise. Knowing this one might ask if the word Cathode has a relationship with the words “Catholic” and “Cathedral”? If so, we are talking about energy. Faraday used the words “East” and “West”, when describing energy flow in a battery, to mean “In” and “Out” respectively. This is tied to the Sun’s path from rise to set and opens a much larger idea. Do we live in a Hermetically sealed battery? If electricity is the only force in this place and poles exist, the answer may be self-evident. Was this known when the cathedrals were built as energy centers before modern religion? Was this known when the Catholic religion was created, implementing “the way down” for those pulled into the energy flow? Join us as we take baby-steps and consider these ideas, heading back toward reality and a truth, found only in nature. And – if I am a Coppertop, the energy I create should be mine or used when and where I choose, as one who has been granted the Divine Spark and Freewill by the Creator.

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