As we look back through his-story we find so many well-known names that would be better described as characters in a world-wide play. For those who have crossed the Rubicon mentally, so to speak, there is no spotless portion left, allowed to gleam like pure gold. The narrative is so twisted and dates so unreliable as to inform you that surface impressions are overcome with bad intent. An old George Harrison song comes to mind, from the album Cloud Nine: “He’s in the films and songs – And on all your magazines – It’s everywhere that you may go – The devil’s radio “. We have been told about reality many times, but we have been misinformed in an endless loop, that we then subconsciously subsume in a living pseudo reality. This strategy is applied to lazy minds for a time, but the Rubicon is not obscured for all. And, once that river is crossed, there is no going back, and the trek forward is a lonely one. But at that crossing, all that glitters is truly gold – upon a golden Eureka moment, as a babe in a new-found evergreen wilderness – eternal.

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