As we recorded this episode, I knew very little about the plant called Iboga (Ibogaine). I have since read two books on this plant that is proven to end addiction by resetting the brain to a pre-addiction state. If nothing else could be said of Iboga, this alone would prove its importance. But so much more can be said about this member of the plant kingdom – it is literally a spiritual bridge – and its full name is Tabernanthe iboga. I once read an old alchemical treatise that stated we are surrounded by a perfect example of how to live life and reach the highest spiritual climbs. The example set forth is the plant kingdom. The book instructed that plants live a perfect spiritual life and then went on to observe how bees interact with flowers – from which we may learn spiritually. This idea changed how I view the plant kingdom, to include “weeds”, which I now hold as a misbegotten word for deluded minds. As for Iboga, it exists beyond description, and would be mis-used in a typical western psychedelic mindset. It is currently illegal in many places, but nature cares not for such contrivances. Seek out a book or two about Iboga and wonder at the limitless spiritual web of our natural world – where what is true and correct exists for us all. By the way, if you could speak to a lost loved one, what would you ask? And more importantly, is it possible to achieve such an endeavor?

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