In an attempt to bring a modicum of common sense back into our historical year count, we might consider the construct system called B.C. and A.D.. And while we can look up what these terms are supposed to mean, it currently appears that B.C. would better describe “before confusion” and A.D., “active descent” – into a vulgar aera. It is possible that the zodiacal age change corresponds to this reshuffling of counted time, and if so, it would mean we fell from the crown of the head (Aries), down to the souls of our feet (Pisces). If these things are correct, that would mean we are currently traveling up the legs again, represented by Aquarius. It may be that the A.D./B.C. system was an effort by powerful men (like Augustus & Julius, & others) to claim false divinity. This required that the calendar be changed to reflect an accepted precept of lunar eclipse cycles that was once used to mark the return of the next “son of god” or world teacher. We have many examples of these figures to include a number of so-called Buddhas, which may have been the genesis example that the Caesars later perverted. We have lost track of the importance of eclipse cycles, but as we head upward again, the return to nature is imperative, if we are to improve the conditions we currently experience – vulgarity and deception. In cycles disconnected from nature, truth does not abound, nor do minds realize it’s absence.

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