400 Episodes, whoo-whee! At this milestone we will tie together many things and show that the old alchemical and astronomical symbols are still in use on the world stage. Mercury will take the main stage as we weave a thread through all media, music, movies, news, TV – ad infinitum. We do this in an effort to dispel fear and to show that this creation will not be brought to an end by a button push. Traveling to the crossroads (again) we will assert that there is no devil waiting for you there and that your soul cannot be purchased. Using Mercury, it will be shown that the foundations of nuclear weapons are a staged fear-porn extravaganza, placing Marie Curie on the main stage. Basic logic will also be applied to show it is technically impossible that two cities were nuked in 1945, as trees, animals and human beings have never stopped living in these cities. In short, all the world is truly a stage and until we comprehend how to recognize acting and theater, common sense will play no role in our besieged world. And – it is common sense that we need right now, as that alone will prove, up is not down and left is not right. So welcome back my friends to the show that never ends – it is time to drop the curtain and end the longest running show of all time.

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