This is the era of deception, disguised as the era of information. In knowing this, one should also comprehend that division will abound as error seeks to stunt the world mind. As is always true, bad information in, bad information out. Decisions and world views based in error, will in turn, manifest distorted reality, which in turn, will manifest confusion, fear and division. And of course, the divided will be conquered, which is the dark strategy underlying this era. Nobody is right, if everybody is wrong. But to be wrong, across the board, at foundational levels is catastrophic, which is self-evident when freedoms and living standards plumet towards new lows. What can be done to “them”, can be done to “you”, and division ensures the likelihood.

We exist in an era where information (controlled & monopolized) tries to ensure we do not know where we exist. Confusion and belief set it: What is this world and what does it actually look like? Is it stationary or does it spin? How many land masses are there? What is space? What are stars, so-called planets and galaxies? What happens after we die? How did we get here? How long have we been here? Where can we go from here? Maybe it is time to overcome divisive programming and work together. Maybe it is time to discover (together) the very basic truths that are common to all living men and women. Maybe it is time we recognize that we exist in the dark ages now, and that we have the power to create light, in order to find our way. Oh division! …your cruelty and self-destructive ways know no bounds! Oh division! …your existence is my low-minded creation!

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