Two ideas: 1. If it does not exist in nature or, if it is not used by the body naturally, how can it possibly cure or be a remedy for any ailment? 2. Treating and masking symptoms with chemicals serves to repress the body’s warning signs – while ignoring the ailment. The above two ideas should serve as common sense foundations, with regard to the health of our bodies and how we choose to address illness and ailments. And yet the vast majority of western lives choose to consume chemicals that do not even claim to heal or cure anything – beyond symptom suppression. In this episode we talk about supplements and nutrition-based ideas, with the aim of restoring or maintaining healthy bodies. The main idea is that anything made by nature is the best possible approach to health and wellness. Our bodies are not synthetic, and yet, this obvious observation is ignored when synthetic approaches to health are chosen. Comprehend the Three gifts: The Divine Spark, Fee-Will, and being made beneficiaries of this creation and the perfection of nature. Never forget that your life began at the zygote, which is a “wholly” natural process that uses the perfection of nature to create new life. You now have the option to keep the above ideas in mind when seeking a path for wellness. The choice is, and always will be yours, thanks to the gift of free-will.

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