It is a shame that over the past century we have forgotten how useful herbs are. While we have never stopped cooking with herbs, flavor is only the tip of the iceberg. There was a time, not too far distant, when herbs and the plant kingdom played the majority role in medicine and wellness. As fate would have it these ideas and uses of herbs are now coming back to the forefront. Maybe it is because of the fallen state of modern chemical medicine. Maybe it is because the idea of actual cures and healing has been missing for too long. But most likely it is because we realize, once again, that the best we can do is to use things made in the perfection of nature – where all of us were made. The plant kingdom serves as the basis for spagyrics or the alchemy of the plant kingdom. The thing about alchemy is it proves what is true and what is not. This is why alchemical ideas are coming back into fashion now, having wasted the better part of a century on chemical hacks trying to synthesize what nature makes perfectly. It is high time we all learn about and grow herbs again. As was once known widely, herbs and the plant kingdom make life here possible. Maybe it is time we stopped trying to hack nature’s perfection and get back to basics and a track record gained over many millennia. To herb or not to herb, that is the question.

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