Our guest is the man who wrote the Crrow777 theme song. He is well known online for having written songs that easily cross genres and directly address the concerns and ideas of our era. But there is more than musicianship and idea driven songs on offer. As an example, we will include his work with healing frequencies called solfeggio in hour one. If you have never experienced a demonstration of the power of musical frequency, our guest is the man to show you a better way. The musicianship we are covering is top-shelf across many musical instruments, and it is all tied to positive intentions and instrument tunings. You will not find music tuned to 440 from our guest, and we talk about why tuning rates matter. Everyone should comprehend that if something exists in this world, it vibrates. In other words, the lost art of cymatics that deals with frequency and vibration proves the power of music as it is wholly based in vibration. Cymatics proves that form is created by vibration, as is color. Even temperature is a vibrational rate. So, the next time you see a guitar or piano played, consider the deep implications of music. Our world would benefit greatly from good vibrations right now. And yet, popular music has fallen to new lows in its formulaic creation, lack of musicianship and low-minded delivery. Much of modern so-called music does not even rise to the definition of the word music: “Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, and rhythm.” If you find this last statement offensive, pick up some sheet music from any 1800s orchestra and marvel at the complexity and depth and musicianship. And then once again, consider the foundations of the material world as is demonstrated to us using cymatics. If it exists, it vibrates – as does music, in all its forms. There is a reason why music is played in well-defined “keys”.

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