Our guest creates and offers a litany of cymatic (frequency) devices for wellness. To be clear, I use the term “cymatic” based on the idea that if it exists, it vibrates – and therefore there must be a peak vibration in a functional and healthy range which is tied to nature. Frequency can be healing but this is largely lost in a world that is constantly bombarded with many forms of malefic radiation from Wi-Fi signals and devices. In this episode we talk about healing products that are based on healing frequencies, to include: Scalar, biofeedback, PEMF, cold laser, VUV and designs based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife. These products are designed and offered from the following 5 brand names: Spooky2, Spooky2 Scalar, MiraMate, HeaWea and Frequency Heals. The art of cymatics is re-emerging in our world and our guest is a part of the re-birth of healing arts based on vibration and frequency. I am currently using and testing the Heawea portable frequency devices which are small and very well made. I will report more after I have used them for some period of time. I would like to wish everyone happiness, health and – Good Vibrations!

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