It seems that some of the nicest places to live are becoming some of the hardest places to live. Is this by chance or by design? As if we did not know. Among these places are California and Hawaii, both of which used to be dream locations for many. Our guest joins us to discuss how he managed to stay on track in Hawaii, even during the height of madness. The message here is a simple one. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. And while we discussed a number of topics, everyone should learn about growing food and how to create living soil. Have you ever considered soil preparation as a form of alchemy? The directions about soil prep laid down in this episode border on mind bending, and what is worse – it all used to be common knowledge in days gone by. It is time to pick up the gauntlet and become self-sufficient in every possible way. The option is to pay corporations that are trying to add your soul to the price of goods and services. It has been said that those who give up rights for security deserve neither. Truer words have never been spoken. Now apply the same idea to goods and services provided by the talking dead – “corps-orations”. Businesses (corporations) used to serve the people but those days are now behind us as they are quickly becoming systems of control. By design…

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