Our guest is a self-taught living woman who has been standing up and holding position, with regard to rights, and assisting in protecting the rights of others. As grown-ups in this world, it is on each of us to claim and defend our God given rights, or watch as those rights take a hard left in this era of deception. Who knew that by using goods and services and following the so-called rules, we have all been traveling away from freedoms? Who knew that by creating a birth certificate, we were all surrendering rights via deceptive document creation? But at the end of the day there is a difference in this era as we now know about all the trusts and rights stripping. The real kick in the head is that we surrendered rights willingly, because we also know now, everything is an offer. So here in the modern era we face yet another crossroad. Will we seek to claim our God given rights or allow them to sink into the cesspool that is corporate policy – the new pseudo law in town – every town? And actually, these corporate policies are not very new as we know what happened in 1871 and 1933. This is all very simple on the face of it – are goods and services (benefits) worth your God granted freedoms? Benefits indeed, or should I say Trustee creation? There is a dead reckoning right here, right now, and each of us must choose or face the stark realities of a trustee in this world. For my part I value, above all other things, the gifts granted to me by the Creator; the Divine Spark, Freewill and being made a Beneficiary of this Creation. And I never forget that everything is an offer, even when it is backed by threats and coercion. No one can force you to do anything, unless you allow it or refuse to act. Welcome to the rights-stripping age of deception, where the entire take-over is an offer presuming, and based on, your acceptance of becoming a trustee and sacrificing freedom.

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