There used to be major hospitals and universities in America that taught, learned and practiced Homeopathy. This was true up to about 1930 (+ or -) when allopathy took over to implement drug-based medicine. It is now well known that allopathic “drugs” have their foundation in the petrochemical industry. Before this time hundreds of years of remedy creation and treatment were on the table for the benefit of us all. Fortunately, a politician fought to ensure homeopathic remedies will always be legal in America and accessible over the counter without a prescription. In my mind homeopathic remedies are closely related to alchemy and spagyrics, which in turn, have many hundreds, if not thousands of years of natural history. One might notice that homeopathy seeks to fix medical issues while allopathy tends to use drugs to treat symptoms. And in this observation our path forward begins to resolve with clarity. “Yes, there are two paths (allo-path or homeo-path) you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” It now seems a fool’s errand to seek medical care that does not intend to cure ills, while continuously prescribing a growing list of drugs aimed at symptom suppression. It is claimed that there are still doctors in China who do not get paid for their services unless a remedy or improvement has been accomplished. These are, of course, doctors who practice traditional Chinese medicine, which is more closely related to the idea of homeopathy. If this was true of allopathic doctors, they would risk never receiving payment, though payment would still come due to the drugs chronically prescribed, often for a life-time. As we head into the new era there are many choices to be made. After all, acceptance of allopathic offers has led us to our current struggle – because of the acceptance of those who have forgotten that Creator granted us all Free-Will. But – …” there is still time to change the road you are on.”

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