Here we discuss breaking free from a trifecta of bondage in our era – drugs, courts and allopathy. Each of us has been granted the Divine Spark, Freewill and been made Beneficiary of this realm by the Creator. And in this it is clear that the choices we make are our own, and if we choose not to exercise freewill, it is surrendered by our own choices. Either way the path we travel is of our own choosing, and this is the power of freewill. The time is now behind us to “talk the talk”. It is now the time that we will all have to “walk the walk” – into the coming age, through the current changes. If we wish to be part of shaping what is to come, exercising our freewill is the only way. So far in this era of change we have seen many surrender their freewill and possibly their freedom. But we are also seeing those who claim their rights and defend them, looking forward to the day after this paradigm shift. It appears that fate will not be kind to those who have acquiesced to social pressure and coercion. This episode is yet another account of one who held position and used freewill in order to reach an outcome he felt best. Whether it be drug addiction, social status or a new life, the path we travel is the outcome of freewill. Anyone can walk out the door and turn left or right or go straight, and this is the proof of freewill. A life path is created by choices made and not to choose is still, in fact, a choice. Remember the crossroads as it demonstrates the realities of freewill, and in turn, the path that will be travelled.

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