It has never been more critical than it is now to build community and alliances. The cost of corporate goods and services is starting to demand much more than money. As a matter of fact, your freedom can now be traded for services – if you accept certain offers. Which brings us back around to building community and alliances. In the near future who you know and who is willing to help you may be the difference between night and day. Do you know folks who are growing food or offering services or stockpiling wood? A few years ago, a question like this would have been dismissed out of hand – not anymore. The days of division, accusation and suspicion need to go away quickly. It does not matter who is a shill in your judging mind when you need food or water. Plain and simple. The internet, politics and news has done all they can do to divide us, and we may well see what fruit division bears before another year passes. Spoiler, there is no fruit in division, only the need for fruit, water, or anything else you need to live. Let us use plain English here — build bridges, make friends, build community, make alliances, prepare, stop judging, start reaching out, and above all comprehend that we are all the same. We all need food and water and none of us want to be hurt. We are all the same and yet the age of deception currently has most of us divided. This is by design as what follows division is called conquering.

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