Perception – what is it? The dictionary tells us it is a noun meaning: The process of perceiving something with the senses. Perception has become a target in the modern era. The social engineers have had their manipulative sights on it for some time now, and quite recently algorithms, sometimes called AI, have taken over the century old Tavistockian agenda to manipulate the human mind. A World-famous rock band got into the mind-targeting game in the 60s to great effect, naming themselves after the Aldous Huxley book “The Doors of Perception”. It appears old Aldous took some peyote and then decided it should only be used by the “betters” stating that the common man would be too dangerous with expanded perception. But here we are in the post 2020 world and the name of the game is – expand your perception, or perish. The irony of 2020 meaning to have good vision is not lost on those in the know – I am sure. And yet there are still large portions of so-called society that are still falling for the same old social manipulations due to lack of perception. It seems the old tricks are the best tricks but the modern magicians are playing for keeps. To perceive, or not to perceive, that is still the question, but likely not for long. Those without perception appear to be going the way of the Dodo Bird while believing in moon landings, nuclear weapons and T-Rex. The imaginary lizard – not the band – if you can perceive what I am laying down.

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