Here is a first-hand account, with event audio, of a grown man holding his position. His tone, tenor and communication is spot on, with regard to effectiveness. The situation was handled so well we are covering it here as an example of what to do when faced with having to defend your rights. The whole situation was executed so well that an entire series of medical establishments held a meeting to change their policies the very next day. We have all arrived at a time when corporate policy regularly seeks to infringe on God-given – and civil rights. For the first time in America, starting in 2020, corporate policy began to ignore human rights openly. What is worse, goods and services are now regularly withheld from those who refuse to abandon their rights. Unfortunately for society this tactic has worked at some level because very few have been willing to take legal action or even stand up to hold their position. I guess it is true that you have rights to the extent you are willing to defend them. So here we are at another crossroad. At stake are the rights that many have fought for throughout history. One thing is certain though… the age of deception is ruled by corporations who have gained the rights of the living, and yet have no breath. It is a bit ironic that the breath (or spirit) was the target of this human rights infringement, by a corporation without breath. Corpse-Oration = The talking dead… seeking to veil human spirit by getting the living to agree and do so by their own hand. And yet freewill dictates that there is always choice and “everything” is an offer.

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