Changing how we think about Nature can improve our overall view of everything in this realm. If the sky tends to be a positive charge, and the ground negative, how is it that we do not consider this as the benchmark for energy storage? Of course, man-made batteries need charging while Nature does not and cycles on ad infinitum. So how is it that we still create batteries with a limited charge when Nature proves there is a better way? Maybe the answer to this question resides in money and price tags, in an era where everything is made to be broken, or engineered to fail. Just to make the point, I have a toaster from the early 50s that still works, though I doubt the toaster I just bought will work in two years. One who truly observes our Natural world will likely shift their thinking to accommodate older ideas, like the 7 Hermetic Principles and the Elemental Ideas of earth, water, air and fire. The latter has proved itself valuable and correct, while the former cannot be dismissed using logic. That is unless science is applied with the intent to dismiss or defame these older ideas. Truth be told the entire world of chemistry stands on the shoulders of alchemy and spagyrics. Unfortunately, chemistry chose to ignore the limits imposed by Nature’s laws. This is why we have a world filled with dangerous medicines and noxious chemicals. You see, Nature cannot be completely quantified in a material way, which is taught in older ways of thinking. Minds of the past knew that all things break down into 3 philosophical ideas, those being: body, soul and spirit. These are philosophically proven states that can be demonstrated and repeated over and over. At the end of the day, it all depends on how we choose to view our Natural realm. For my part older principles and elemental thinking help me to comprehend that there is no lie in Nature and that it is the measure (and limit) of all we will ever encounter in this realm. Nature also teaches us that there are limits defined by natural laws. To go beyond these limits is unsustainable and flirts with a dark-world detached from its very foundations. Look around. Truly…

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