It has been said: “A Wise Man Rules By The Stars, A Fool Is Ruled By Them”. Suffice it to say that there is much to relearn about the Skyclock and the influences that affect our lives. In our era every effort has been made to make such ideas silly. Astrology and astronomy are constantly at odds and never the twain shall meet. But as we look back in time this was not always the case. If we look back to the admirable work of Tycho Brahe we find there is little to no difference when considering the science or influence of the stars and luminaries. This notable Skyclock researcher not only set the standard for all astronomy to come, he also used astrology to answer the requests and demands of those in power. In those days there were definite and inherited ideas about what the color, placement, magnitude and type of star meant, in terms of how our world is thereby influenced. There were ancient systems that matched earthly metals to heavenly luminaries. Alas, they were more than just schemes. They were useful systems pressed into service daily from time immemorial and inseparable from medicine, farming and nearly every other earthly endeavor or concern. What was called alchemy proved the truth in nature and therefore the reality of the systems. In those eras comets were known to be the harbingers of negative influence and tracked and timed accordingly. The outcome predicted was then referenced later to prove the prediction after the passage of time. Who recalls comet Atlas? It was known as C/2019 Y4, appearing at the end of 2019 just before our world fell apart. We are still navigating the fall through all four seasons. I wonder what Tycho would say with regard to comets. For some reason they are mostly green now. In this episode we look back, as we look forward to the re-birth of those who marvel at the Skyclock above and seek to gain new comprehension, meaning and knowing. In closing there is a full lunar eclipse on 11/8/22. Now is the time to pay attention to determine what influence the blocking of the light (of the lunar luminary) will bring us. I am certain there are those in this realm who know what to expect, before the fact. On eclipse day 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be “adjusted”. Buckle up, the chess pieces are moving quickly, seemingly, by minds that rule by the stars. And yet, this cycle too will see its end, as endless revolutions spiral to infinity, waiting for minds to rediscover the majesty and truth of the Skyclock.

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