One of the most powerful and divisive spells in the modern era is the red-blue spell. It is a controlling false dynamic which ensures the masses fight endlessly, so the house always wins. This is spelled out verbatim in the banker’s speech that was delivered in plain English, in 1924. It was delivered by the central bank of England to bankers in America and states openly what is true of politics in this country, and who designed the illusion, and for what purpose. The underlying idea is to end critical thinking and individualism while exerting wholesale control over govern-ment. And, to date, it has been as successful as any social engineering ever devised, and is easily on par with the drugging and family unit destruction programming of the 1960s. As proof of this – look where we currently exist and comprehend how we got here. Complexity is the enemy of control. By reducing political thought into two parties the problem of complexity pushing back against control is solved. The house always wins, and words have meaning; govern = control, ment = mind. Maybe the book “Anthem” should have been mandatory reading in school. But then again, the author of this book has also been turned into a political football. There is no room for independent thought, so it makes sense that an author who wrote about independent thought would be dealt with politically. Abracadabra, hocus pocus, the control is exerted with opposing colors and opposing polarities. Magic is as magic does, and this mischief has been managed.

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